The audience economy #EAv-Blogathon

We’re all becoming publishers. Brands are publishers. Agencies are publishers. Publishers are evolving too. They’re no longer the gatekeeper between what gets written and what gets read, broadcast or played. Today’s publishers are tasked with finding an audience for what’s been created and, of course, making money from that.

I think this is a good thing. This means that it is the audience that is important. This means that quality bar gets pushed ever upwards as brands and creators compete against one another for the attention of a time starved audience. Don’t believe me? Upworthy have found that the branded content they run is more professional and better written than their regular editorial


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The Ultimate Social Tool – An Empire Avenue Guide for Beginners #EAv-Blogathon

I had read about Empire Avenue but hadn’t tried it until a week ago, and now that I have, I wish I had signed up earlier. We all know how important social media is, but it has become considerably difficult to use effectively without spending a lot of time, and in some cases, money. Regardless, whether you’re a blogger, content developer, writer or marketer, you cannot afford to ignore social activity, connections and engagement, which is where Empire Avenue comes in.


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This is an entry in  Empire Avenue’s Blog_a_thon which takes place on 25th /27th July

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Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions #EAv-blogathon

Over the past year I’ve become more involved over at Empire Avenue. For those who don’t know Empire Avenue (or just EA to it’s players) is a social media stock market game. It operates similar to a stock market except that instead of investing in a company, you’re investing in other players to build your portfolio. Instead of using dollars, you use ‘EAVs’ (which is EA’s virtual currency). Like in the stock market, you receive dividends from your investments. The dividends an investment makes is based on their social media activity. In addition to a persons social media activity, one way to really rock out on EA is by running missions. You can use missions to help drive up your share price, engage with other users, share content from outside EA that you’ve produced or even things you just really like from around the Internet.


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This is an entry in  Empire Avenue’s Blog_a_thon which takes place on 25th /27th July

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Announcing EAV Blog-a-thon July 25-27 & Share-a-thon with voting August 1-3

EAV New Members Rec


Up to 20 million eaves in individual prizes and giveaways! Total to be given away/won 100,000,000 eaves!!!

You don’t have to be a blogger to join in the fun. Help your favorite blogs by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more! Special prizes for active sharers and influencers, as well! (And watch for news about how you can use the events to share other content, too.)  


1. You must be the author.  

2. No duplicate entries will be considered.

3. Blog entries should include discussion of one or more of the following themes:

a) EAV missions give you the ability to achieve greater reach for the ‘dollar’ (eaves) and a greater audience for your content.

b) EAV’s detailed analytics, gives you a fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.  

c)  EAV helps you connect with social media leaders, professionals, bloggers, and business people so you can get quick and meaningful exposure for interests and a potentially large audience with minimal time and effort.. 

d)  EAV helps you discover content and new social media trends. 

e)  EAV is now guided by players, for players. Why you should join the Empire Avenue Leaders to help chart the course of the game. 

4. One unique or personal reason to join EAV must be in the blog content.

5. Blog entries must be posted between July 10 and July 29. 

6. By entering you will be granting rights to Empire Avenue to use your materials for  future promotions or advertising. 


* Use the hashtag #EmpireAve when you share your blog, and set up sharing so that others use the hashtag also. 

* Optional: To facilitate distribution of various potential ‘rewards’ and regular event updates you may wish to join this community:

* Watch for upcoming missions or see the community for details on how prizes and give aways will be granted

* Owners and Managers of suspended accounts will not qualify for these events.

” UPDATE This blog post is intended to announce the two events mentioned. The activity as you can see begins before the weekend allocated for the Blog-a-thon. Watch this blog and related communities for suggestions and requirements. All blogs and shares posted between July 10th and July 29th that meet Empire Avenues event criteria will be eligible. Remember: use the #empireavenue hashtag whenever you share.

How do you build your Wealth on Empire Avenue ?

There are many ways to enjoy playing Empire Avenue .

This delightful , informative video created by (e)Knikkolette Church explains how to increase your wealth and reputation on Empire Avenue

You can find more videos on the Empire Avenue wiki here

Empire Avenue is having a great June! Thanks to you!

Yes! Empire Avenue is having a great June.

- Signups are up!
– Activity is up!
– Sales and income are also up!
– Conversations in all our communities are now focussed and being ably led by our amazing community.

We took the decision by closing the General Discussion Community to move discussions (other than technical issues) off site into the public domain and the conversations you are ALL having have helped enormously. Be it bouquets or brickbats please keep the conversations going.

So thank you to the admins and leader teams who have worked so tirelessly to add some extra fun and interest to the site and helping us streamline and to how Empire Avenue operates.

We think July will be an even bigger month! We have some major server changes outlined that will involve us moving to better and more streamlined server processes. Since this will involve some downtime (we’re anticipating a couple of hours), we’ll let you know as soon as we can and provide more details.

Leader signups continue to meet expectations and we look forward to welcoming even more leaders to the community. With new milestone goals, the earlier you sign up, the more benefits you get. Share the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade package with your friends — the package combined with the Summer of Fun events will get them off to a strong start on Empire Avenue

You have all done great things for the site and we particularly thank the communities “EAv Gangstas” and “[X]Pendapalooza”.

Please keep up the conversations and once again THANK YOU all for your great efforts…. you are showing the way to success! Remember to enjoy [X]PendaPalooza 15 this coming weekend!

{X]Pendapalooza FIFTEEN is this weekend


This is the fifteenth event of its kind – a carnival of buying and spending that helps newer players dramatically improve in wealth, and older players find new investments, and allows everyone to broaden their networks.

This event is also QUITE a bit of fun! =)


There will be TWO streams open: one for those with UNDER 1,000,000 shares Outstanding (i.e., how many shares of your stock have been sold), and one for OVER 1,000,000 shares Outstanding for the more experienced players.

When [X]Pendapalooza 15 officially opens, you can post your ticker. You WILL NOT be able to post your ticker until the event actually begins. There is NO requirement right now to sign up, but you will need to be a member of this group once the event is underway.

In addition, several folks will be running [X]Pendapalooza FIFTEEN (15) specific missions in conjunction with this event.
1. What is [X]Pendapalooza?
It’s an opportunity for many players, especially newer ones, to be bought, and for more seasoned investors to spend – that is, helping out others while finding new investments. It’s a positive, active, 48-hour buy-a-thon, and it’s all about paying it forward.

2. What does it cost to play?
Nothing. You don’t need to spend anything, but you DO need to be in this community and to put your ticker into one of two queues, which thereby registers you.

3. OK, what’s the catch?
Um, nothing. Seriously. If you don’t want to buy anyone else, you don’t have to. (Although you’ll probably score more sales if you buy. Don’t forget to use shout-outs, as they will really help your EA score, too, which will improve your dividend rate. Plus, it’s just good manners. :)

4. When does it run?
The event will start at 3 p.m. Eastern on Friday June 27, 2014, and run for a full 48 hours ending at 3 p.m. Eastern on Sunday June 29, 2014 Consult and compare local times here:

5. When I can put my ticker in to the buying queues?
We’ll open them just before the times above. Then you can expect things to get very, very busy … very quickly. (Don’t sweat it, though, if you’re not able to join in at the start. You’ve got 48 hours to get involved!)

6. I’m new to this whole [X]Pendapalooza thing. How long has this been around?
Ron Heigh (e)PWND and John Gushue (e)JOHNGUSHUE should be credited with the organization of the 1st [X]Pendapalooza along with collaboration from (e)ADRIEL, (e)EDUPRENEUR (e)REIGN, (e)BEN, (e)ALLIE, (e)CLATKO (e)FEEDTHEWORLD and (e)NORTHLANDFOX. The first one was held in May 2011 – and just for a few hours. We all had so much fun, we vowed to do it again. The full-day format soon followed. This is the 2nd time the event has been 48 hours! This is the 15th time this event has been done over a 3 year period. It is Empire Avenue’s 1st community, member driven event.

7. I don’t have much money to spend. How can I best stretch my eaves?
Your buying strategy is up to you – you will no doubt see great advice in the discussion boards, from many different members – but you will also be helped by missions that will be targeted ONLY to members of this very group. This will provide a very large amount of eaves, so keep your eyes peeled. The idea, again, is for experienced players with large portfolios to share.

8. Do I have to stick around the full 48 hours?
Nah! We won’t!

9. Is there a Facebook group where people involved in this can hang out, share great tips and dynamic advice on social media?

Why, yes! Visit the [X]Bar group on FB right here:

10. Is there a suggested amount for spending?
Nope. Totally up to you, as always, about how much you want to spend, and on whom. Don’t forget, though, that this event is created in the “pay it forward” spirit, and it will likely be hard to resist getting involved. Even a small amount will help build your connections.

11. I’m afraid that people will dump my stock right away. Is this reasonable?
Selloffs are a hazard everywhere on the Avenue. We prefer to see this as a way of making contacts … and HOLDING them. Being a good investment should keep your shareholders around (did we mention the importance of shout-outs, and how they help your EA score and dividends?) for the long run.

12. What can I expect to happen to my price and account?
We’ll all have to see, but in every [X]Pendapalooza so far, most players have seen substantial gains in share price, number of shares sold and net wealth. This is especially so with new players. The increase in your portfolio will depend on how much you spend!

13. How do I see how many OUTSTANDING Shares that I have sold of my stock to determine which thread to post in?
By clicking on the “Social Stocks” tab on Empire Avenue.