Come Join us for an [X]traordinary [X}PendaPalooza 14!

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Get ready for an amazing weekend!

[X]traordinary [X]tra Benefits for [X]PendaPalooza!

[X]tra Pie!

Pie 24 for everyone and Pie 26 for the EA Leaders will unlock for 48 hours ONLY. To claim it, you MUST join the [X]PendaPalooza community. Leaders who are join the community will automatically get Pie 26. For everyone else Pie 24 they will be able to buy at half price. This offer is only for the duration of [X[PendaPalooza, through 3 pm ET on Sunday. However, any new Pie acquired during [X]PendaPalooza will continue unlocked for you.

[X]tra FREE Eaves!

EVERYONE in the [X]PendaPalooza community will receive 100,000 eaves to jumpstart your shopping spree. EAVLeaders and many players will run free invest and gift missions throughout the weekend. Plus, we’ll announce even more ways to get eaves throughout the weekend.

[X]traordinary [X]Pendapalooza Eaves Sale!

FOR LEADERS ONLY! We know many of you are low on eaves due to the fast growth of the Leaders Community and the challenge of buying everyone back. That’s why we are offering the BEST SALE ON EAVES you’ve ever seen! Please don’t just take these eaves and put them in your pocket. You’re getting this [X]treme discount, so that YOU can run missions for all players and for other leaders.

Drumroll…… 10 MILLION EAVES for just $20 in the Leaders Shop.
Buy them. Share them. Let’s make it rain eaves all weekend!

[X]pand your Portfolio with [X]tra Discounts!

All portfolio upgrades will be 50% off during [X]PendaPalooza for EAV Leaders. Certain items will also be on sale in the EA shop for Everyone. The discount will depend upon your subscription level.

PIE for those who are maxed
EAVES to help you run missions
PORTFOLIO to help you buy more shareholders


This is the biggest [X]PendaPalooza EVER. And it is thanks to the vision of [X]Bar and the passion of our Leaders Community.


* Do you know a past, inactive, or sporadic player? Reach out to them personally! Joining Leaders and participating in [X]PendaPalooza is a truly [X]cellent way to reconnect with the re-energized Empire Avenue community. Get them onboard by Saturday and they can enter the contest to win one of three 10,000 Vee prizes, too!

* Do you have friends who own small businesses, work in marketing or social media, have a blog or online site, or who simply need to jumpstart their social media efforts? THIS IS THE TIME TO JOIN. During [X]PendaPalooza, people will give away shares, eaves, and run LOTS of high ticket missions. Encourage them to join the Leaders and they can buy up to 2,700 shares — which means they can accept all the invest missions. (We can only buy 400 of them to start, but we all know leaders will be back to top them up.) They’ll meet active players AND get more investments, more quickly. Plus, if they also buy that incredible $20 10 million eaves package, they’ll have the eaves they need to buy back people who invest in them.

* Do you have friends in EA who haven’t joined Leaders yet? This is a great opportunity to chat with them, tell them about your experience — all the buys, the double dividends, the bonuses on missions for leaders, and much more — and let them know about the incredible bonuses this weekend. As you’ve seen, the Leader package bonuses are JUST THE BEGINNING for Leaders. The more work this group does, the more rewards we all get. And the sooner your friends join, the more benefits they will reap.

BRING A FRIEND! Remember: you’re likely to be online to help your friend… and other Leaders will pitch in too. Introduce them to us. Run an Invest mission for them with your [X]tra Eaves.


Friends don’t let friends miss [X]PendaPalooza!

Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

Send your stock soaring at [X]PendaPalooza 14

[X]PendaPalooza was one of the first (maybe THE first) community-driven events at Empire Avenue. As you probably know, the community has organized 13 of them!  Now that the players have taken the reins, let’s celebrate with an [X]panded [X]traordinary[X]PendaPalooza 14!
[X]Panded  On April 25, 26, and 27 players will converge on the Avenue for a frenzy of buying. Big players run LOTS of missions to give away eaves and shares. New players build wealth by selling shares and doing missions.  Everyone can network and connect at  the [X]PendaPalooza community and at related special events.
[X]traOrdinary  For the first time, the Empire Avenue Leaders Community will co-host the event with the original founding community, [X]Bar.  Omar Habayeb is back to organize the event. EAVLeaders will run special missions, flash contests, and organize fun events throughout the weekend to connect new and[X]perienced players.  Plus, on April 27th, find out if YOU are the lucky winner of 10,000 Vees from the EAVLeaders Early Bird Contest Mission.
That’s not all. Watch for details about special events to help you learn from the leaders in the game. Get tips on rocking[X]PendaPalooza, see how leaders use Empire Avenue to build and measure their social media reach.  Watch the site  for details about special events and start time — and log in right when it starts to grab amazing sales  that will help you make the most of the weekend.
[X]PendaPalooza is all about paying it forward.  Sitting on a pile of eaves? Swing by and join the party (and find new investments) by running investment and gift missions.  New to the game or know someone who should join? [X]PendaPalooza is an amazing way to grow your account quickly and easily.

Get a headstart — join Empire Avenue Leaders before [X]PendaPalooza!

For the first time, Empire Avenue is giving players the opportunity to shape the future of the game and to claim an amazing package of benefits. 5 million eaves, double dividends and mission bonuses from fellow leaders, all the pie you can eat, 500 Even More Desserts, 20 scheduled and 20 promoted missions – over $1,500 in benefits for just $100.  Players shattered the Early Bird goal and claimed even more prizes and ALL players shared in the bounty. (Log in to claim your prize.)
Whether you’re a brand new player, a seasoned pro, or looking to get back onto the leaderboard, the Ultimate Leader’s Upgrade gives you everything you need to supercharge your game. Plus, as a member of the Leaders Community, you can join the enthusiastic and energized players who are pulling together to reinvigorate the game.
Not Ready to Join? The players in the Leaders Community would love your feedback. Take a quick survey to help members better serve you. 

The Ability To Gift The EAV Leader Package Is Now Available!

A new feature has been added to the EAV Leaders Community Shop.

This feature:

  • Is only available in the EAV Leaders Community Shop.
  • Requires that you be an EAV Leader to purchase.
  • Requires you to enter a valid ticker of a member who does not already have the EAV Leaders package.
  • Is only available for purchase through Stripe with a credit card.

If you would like to give this gift to another Empire Avenue member, please check out the EAV Leaders Community Shop.  Look for the icon below.


Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.19.55 PM

Empire Avenue is Spotlighting Profiles

Empire Avenue would like to spotlight and share the profiles of 4 active members this week.  This is just a small token of our appreciation.

(e)MILIEUNET Erik van Erne – Erik has been a member since May, 2011.  Erik is a very supportive and loyal member of Empire Avenue.  He is the General Manager of Wolfram Publications.  Erik focuses on awareness and change of behavior by means of communication.  He feels that the world needs more awareness about our environment.  Erik currently has the highest Empire Avenue Score on the site!  If you would like to know more about Erik please check out his profile here.

(e)GARDNER Harold Gardner – Harold joined Empire Avenue in June, 2012.  Harold has a great sense of humor, and if you check out his social media sites you can always find a joke or picture that will make you laugh.  Harold’s favorite sport is Tennis.  Harold has been a mentor to several Empire Avenue members over the last couple of years. If you would like to know more about Harold please check out his profile here.

(e)MAXUS1COM Vitus Feldmann – Vitus is The Main Street Analyst.  You may ask what’s that?  It’s business, marketing, social media, fashion, entertainment, sports and so much more.  Vitus has been a member since September 2011.  Vitus is an ex-professional soccer player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst and Social Media Leader.  If you would like to know more about Vitus please check out his profile here.

(e)BERRIEPELSER Berrie Pelser – Berrie is the co-owner of Ber | Art Visual Design V.O. F. .  His business specializes in WordPress, search engine optimization, social media strategy, and social media integration.  He has been an active member of Empire Avenue since April, 2011. Berrie uses Empire Avenue Missions to share information about his business.  If you would like to know more about Berrie please click here.

To celebrate these Spotlight Members, the Empire Avenue Leaders will run a few missions for these profiles over the next 24 hours.

Empire Avenue Leaders reaches 500 – Bonus Benefits for all Players on April 11th

leaders_500_successCongratulations! 500 EA Leaders have signed up and unlocked the Early Bird Bonus. That means EVERYBODY WINS!

1,000 Vees
1,500,000 Eaves
Special Early Bird Badge
2 Extra Dividend Payments on Friday April 11th (after 5pm ET)

Choice of 300 Even More Desserts or 500,000 Eaves
3 people will win 10,000 Vees EACH
Special badge for everyone who claims Eaves or Dessert Gift
1 Extra Dividend Payment on Friday April 11th (after 5pm ET)

BEST OF ALL: You still have time to join the Early Bird Leaders AND get the bonus rewards.  Everyone who joins before 5pm (Eastern Time) Friday April 11th gets the Leader Package PLUS the Early Bird Bonus!

We’ll award the prizes on Friday, April 11th after 5pm Eastern. Watch the Empire Avenue Community for details on how to claim your prize and enter to win 10,000 Vees.

Haven’t signed up yet or know someone who should? It’s easy! Just buy the Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade. Buy before Friday April 11th and you’ll get over $1,600 of game rewards for just $100. Tell your friends!

Read More about the next phase of Empire Avenue
View the letter from Empire Avenue Co-Founder and Director

Empire Avenue is Spotlighting Profiles! 4/4/2014

Empire Avenue would like to spotlight and share Profiles of active members whom use Empire Avenue for various reasons. We have so many members to spotlight that we will choose random users over time. This is just a small token of our appreciation.

EAV Profiles under the Spotlight for 4/4/2014!

(e)DESDAUGHTER DES Daughter Network – This profile is committed to, shedding light on a global health scandal, and dedicated to raising DES (Diethylstilbestrol) awareness. Please check out this profile here. (e)DESDAUGHTER has been a member of Empire Avenue since June 2011. We are thankful to have members like (e)DESDAUGHTER who take charge, lead and show others how to use Empire Avenue by being a good example.

(e)PETERHOLLENS – Peter Hollens has been involved with music throughout the Northwest and beyond performing in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Beacon Theater in NYC. If you are interested in more information about Peter check out his profile here . (e)PETERHOLLENS has been a member of Empire Avenue since May 2011. The members love and support Peter Hollens on YouTube as well.

To celebrate these two Spotlight Members Empire Avenue Leaders will run missions for these profiles over the next 24 hours.

Announcing the next phase of Empire Avenue!

The first social media network run by members, for members

eavleaders_badgeAre YOU ready to help shape the future of Empire Avenue? As you know, Empire Avenue created a new community – the Empire Avenue Leaders. The goal is clear: get 2,000 people to each join Empire Avenue Leaders. For buying the $100 Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade any individual will receive a truly generous member benefits package.

Did you wonder WHY the community was called Empire Avenue Leaders? It’s simple. Starting now, the Leaders are RUNNING Empire Avenue’s marketing, recruitment, and retention programs. The technical staff will continue to support the platform, manage the database, and provide normal tech support. Beyond that – it’s up to US to chart the marketing course to get to 2000 leaders. Longer term, Leaders may have an even greater influence on the platform’s future functionality.

This is a truly amazing opportunity. The Empire Avenue Leaders will develop and test new marketing messages, new ways to recruit – and retain – new members, and new ways to interact with each other. Plus, we can explore new ways to make the game fun and rewarding for all.

Our first goal is to get the Empire Avenue Leaders community to 2000 members Empire Avenue needs to demonstrate that it has an enthusiastic, highly engaged community. Do that and we all benefit from a reborn site that gives us real rewards for our social media engagement. The future is in our hands.

Right now, YOU have the chance to shape the course of Empire Avenue. To move from back seat driving into making a real difference by bringing YOUR ideas to life. Here’s how:

  1. Join the Empire Avenue Leaders.
  2. Go to the Empire Avenue Leaders Community to join the discussions.
  3. Join (or create) a working group that interests you.
    • Video wiz? Make video testimonial montage, or create video explainers to help newcomers unlock the site’s power.
    • Designer? Create graphics, logos, tips, and maybe even a new identity.
    • Marketer? Dream up recruitment, retention, and outreach ideas.
    • Writer? Write tips and blog posts for the site. Pitch in to create an Empire Avenue Wiki.
    • Trainer? Make it easy for new members to engage.
    • People Person? Create a Welcome Wagon for new members. Brainstorm ways to re-engage inactive members. Recruit friends.
  4. Your group will submit your ideas and creations to the Leaders Community for review and prioritization by the community and by Admins/Brand Managers (See the process in the discussion group.)

Together, we have the talent, the ideas, the expertise, and the influence to make Empire Avenue as powerful as we are. You can take the lead, contribute ideas and time, or simply join and enjoy your member benefits. All leaders will help determine which ideas get prioritized and implemented first.

We hope to see you in the Empire Avenue Leaders community SOON. Remember, the first 500 Leaders will enjoy a special Bonus ON TOP OF the generous Leader package. Please join us now to talk about this exciting change and help us get started!

Your Empire Avenue Leaders Community Admins/ Brand Managers:

Kita Champion (e)KITA ·
Kevin Green (e)MYSODOTCOM ·
Lynn O’Connell (e)OMDIRECT ·
David Sanger (e)DSP ·
Richard Townsend (e)RICTOWNSEND