Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge


Ready to tell the world why YOU play Empire Avenue?

The Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge is a contest for Empire Avenue players interested in sharing their experiences as an Empire Avenue player to show both new and/or existing players why they should join (or come back) to enjoy the Empire Avenue platform and all it has to offer.

This contest has 6 categories:
1.Number One Benefit of Empire Avenue: What’s the number one benefit of playing Empire Avenue?
2.Share Your Story: Why do you play Empire Avenue? Do you have a favorite EA feature?
3.Empire Avenue Leaders”: Are you an Empire Avenue Leader? What’s the best benefit? How has it helped your game?
4.Content Discovery”: How do you use Empire Avenue to discover new content?
5.Empire Avenue & Your Business or Cause”: How have you used Empire Avenue for your business or cause?
6.Networking & Connections”: How has Empire Avenue helped you to make connections, build your social media presence, or learn new approaches? Have you built any personal or business relationships as a result from joining EA?

Not a video wiz? Thats ok! If you know how to take a video with your phone, tablet or use your computer’s webcam, you can still enter!

You can read more here


Empire Avenue Mission Mania has begun #EAv-Missions

One of the most powerful aspects of Empire Avenue is the ability to run missions .


Ready, set, DOUBLE your daily dividends by doing missions!

UTC: Aug 22 0100 => Sept 2 0100 (EDT: Aug 21 9:00 pm => Sept 1 9:00 pm)

What do you need to do ?

* Do at LEAST 11 missions in every 24 hour period to trigger dividend bonuses

What will you earn ?

* You’ll earn an extra 2% payout on dividends UP TO 100% (or 50 missions)
* You MUST maintain positive feedback — negative feedback will disqualify you for that 24 hour period
* GIVE POSITIVE & NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO YOUR MISSION COMPLETERS — this is the time to recognize the people who go above and beyond by giving your mission extra attention.

* No feedback = ONE positive
* Positive feedback = TWO positive
* Negative feedback = One negative

So, if you don’t take time to give feedback, you are automatically giving positive feedback. That’s fine as long as you understand how it works.


What are missions?

Missions is a feature on Empire Avenue that allows players to discover new people, content, and brands in which you can get rewarded for viewing a piece of content with eaves or vees that you can use throughout the site.

Can I Force People To Take My Mission and require action? 

No, you can’t. You can only encourage people to take your mission and view the content. A mission is completed when a person clicks the button and goes to your content with intent to read. Action such as liking, sharing, or commenting is optional and up to mission completer

The video is taken from the Empire Avenue wiki  here


The Empire Avenue Share-A-thon Winners 2014 #EAv-Blogathon





Paul Spoerry

Paul not only entered two blogs — he shared his and EVERY entry widely, frequently, and with enthusiasm.
As the Grand Prize Winner of the Share-a-thon, he’ll receive 20 million eaves from Empire Avenue and a 10 million eave investment mission from EAvLeaders.

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2nd Prize


Robert Riley

Sharing all the blogs everywhere is a big job, but Robert Riley was up to the task! He went a GIANT step further by compiling ALL the blogs into one easy-to-share slideshow.
He’ll receive 15 million eaves from Empire Avenue and a 5 million eave investment mission from EAvLeaders.

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3rd Prize


Stewart Marshall

Third place winner, Stewart Marshall, shared his blog and his rivals widely. Plus, he created a Pinterest board to get even more exposure for all the blog entries.
He’ll receive 10 million eaves plus a 5 million eaves investment mission from EAvLeaders

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Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited everyone to promote 48 blog posts authored by members  , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

Congratulations to our worthy winners !!!

The Empire Avenue Blogathon Winners 2014 #EAv-Blogathon




Hunain Naseer

Professional Content Developer, experienced in Copywriting, Content Marketing, Editing, Blogging, Graphic Design and WordPress.

(e)HUNAIN  The Ultimate Social Tool – An Empire Avenue Guide for Beginners

I had read about Empire Avenue but hadn’t tried it until a week ago, and now that I have, I wish I had signed up earlier. We all know how important social media is, but it has become considerably difficult to use effectively without spending a lot of time, and in some cases, money. Regardless, whether you’re a blogger, content developer, writer or marketer, you cannot afford to ignore social activity, connections and engagement, which is where Empire Avenue comes in.

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2nd Place


Rick Thomas

SEO and Social Media Marketing for Ft Myers Small business by Rick Thomas, Social Media/SEO Consultant. Internet Advertising for Ft Myers Florida Small Businesses. Company Facebook Page Creation and Management

(e)SEOFTMYERS Empire Avenue, Gamification, And Social Media Traction

In early March of 2012 I first heard of Empire Avenue, but didn’t really know what it was, it had been explained to me as a cross between Farmville and Linkedin, a description that fairly misses the mark, but at least leans in the right direction. A few weeks later, while on a business trip to Washington DC, I found time to make a side trip to Frederick Md. to meet with a group of SEO’s and social media strategists that I had both networked with for years, and one or two I’d worked closely with on several projects. That is where I got the real scoop on what Empire Avenue is, and why it is so useful! While the trip to Frederick cost me two consecutive half days, on a trip where optimal use of every minute was vital, it ultimately proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made!

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3rd Place


Chris Munro

I am a transplanted New Englander living in Fuquay-Varina, NC, I blog/tweet about a wide range of topics: sci-fi, philosophy, science, history, politics, secularism, literature, pop culture, and … basically whatever interests me.

(e)CDOGZILLA 4 Reasons #EmpireAvenue is the Best Game You’re Probably Not Playing

Two questions first:

1. Do you use one or more of: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, or Foursquare?

If you don’t use at least one of those, you may want to skip the rest of this; however, if you use one or more (especially if more), then you may want to read on.

2. Do you play any casual, browser-based/mobile app games?

If you do, then Empire Avenue (EAV) may well be the best game you’re not playing.

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As the Grand Prize Winner of the Blogathon, Hunain will receive 20 million eaves from Empire Avenue and a 10 million eave investment mission from EAvLeaders,
Rick will receive 15 million eaves from Empire Avenue and a 5 million eave investment mission from EAvLeaders and Chris 10 million eaves from Empire Avenue and a 3 million eave investment mission from EAvLeaders


Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

Congratulations to our worthy winners !!!



Brain Hawkins-2

We are grateful to Brian Hawkins (e)HOTBLOGTIPS who has judged the competition

Brian is an experienced blogger at focusing on content creation, social media marketing, relationships and influence.


Category Winners (2 of 2) – Empire Avenue Blogathon #EAV–Blogathon

Three weeks ago Empire Avenue invited members to write blog posts about the site and 48 people responded , a big thank you to  everyone who took part.

We are grateful to Brian Hawkins (e)HOTBLOGTIPS who has judged the competition

We are now releasing the second set of category Winners


Sally Witt (e)SALLYKWITT How To Get An Effective Start

Paul Spoerry (e)PAULSPOERRY  Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions


Ron Callari (e)RONCALLARI Going Nuts For Squirrelly Memes (2014 Update) 


Detlev Artelt (e)DET  WHY EMPIRE AVENUE ?

Best Ode to (e)SQRL 

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Wanderin Poet (e)KADOHINST  Empire Avenue Players ~ (E)SQRL

We will announce the top 3 blog posts on Monday 


Empire Avenue Share-A-Thon Supersharers and Bloggers #EAv-Blogathon

Writing a blog post is the first step , the next step is attracting people to read it which means getting the word out.

This is the true strength of Empire Avenue , members will actively promote each others blog posts extensively.

So after our Blogathon competition this is what happened next .

Everyone got involved , our special thanks go to the people mentioned below


All the enthusiasm and support for the Share-a-thon made it very very hard to select the SuperSharers!

Judging was based upon scope of sharing – the more networks, the better – and the impact of shares.

Each winner will receive 5 million eaves, to be awarded next week.

Pieter Collier                           (e)BEREN
Keith Gill                                   (e)DIGITALKEITH
Red Boating                            (e)REDBO
Heinz Dobernig                       (e)SOLOMO
Vedarth Deshpande               (e)VEDARTH22
Erik van Erne                           (e)MILIEUNET
Gary Loper                              (e)GLL
Heather Koroll                       (e)ICYSTARS2
Mithu Hassan                          (e)MITHUHASSAN
Michael Vincent                     (e)SPEEDYHEALTH
Airgeadais Trust                    (e)AIRGEADAIS
Erin Boykin                             (e)ERINBOYKIN
Remo Pollastri                      (e)REMPOLLA
BogDan Wrzesinski              (e)GODSENT247
Barbara Klein                         (e)LATEBLOOMERS




Wow! Bloggers not only took time to write a blog about Empire Avenue and share to their fans – -most went one step further and shared other entries, too!

There is a 3-way tie for first place – each winner will receive 5 million eaves, to be awarded next week.

Semen Frish (e)7A

James Meyer (e)JAMESMEYER

Andrew GirdWood (e)GIRDY

There is a 5 way tie for second place! Each winner will receive 3 million eaves next week.

Kavalon Gilliam (e)KAVALONTHATS , Reg Ervin (e)RDEECO , Liz Hall  (e)PAINSPEAKS , ron sidwell (e)LEFTYRONBO and Erick Strobel (e)LOANS .

Honorable Mention

There was so much competition in this category that Blog-a-thon winners were excluded. Clearly, their sharing paid off!

Not only did they share their own blogs widely, they shared ALL the other blogs as well. Job well done!

Detlev Artelt                        (e)DET
Robert Zarywacz                 (e)ROBERTZ
Chris Munro                         (e)CDOGZILLA
Sally Witt                               (e)SALLYKWITT
Charles Perkins                   (e)CPERKY
Ron Callari                            (e)RONCALLARI
Leo Basic                              (e)LEOBASIC

We’d like to thank ALL the bloggers for entering and promoting their blogs, the contest, and other entries.
Fortunately, EVERYONE is a winner in this contest! All bloggers with accepted entries will be invited to the Winner’s Circle community next week.
They will receive a bonus 1 million eaves.

Empire Avenue Share-a-thon – Pinterest Category Winners

SQRLThese super sharers responded to Sir Rudiger’s call to go the extra mile and create a PINTEREST board for all the blog-a-thon entries. They have each already received a 15 million eave mission for their boards and will also be invited to join the Winner’s Circle community for a bonus 1 million eaves. Join us in congratulating and thanking them all.

Stewart Marshall (e)STEWARTMAR

#EmpireAvenue Blog-A-Thon


#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Charles Carboneau (e)CASHCONNECT

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Robert Riley (e)TRUTHTRANCE

#EmpireAvenue Blog-a-thon

Wow Sir Rudiger is as happy as a squirrel with a tree full of nuts. Keep an eye out for other category winner announcements over the next day or so.