The Ability To Gift The EAV Leader Package Is Now Available!

A new feature has been added to the EAV Leaders Community Shop.

This feature:

  • Is only available in the EAV Leaders Community Shop.
  • Requires that you be an EAV Leader to purchase.
  • Requires you to enter a valid ticker of a member who does not already have the EAV Leaders package.
  • Is only available for purchase through Stripe with a credit card.

If you would like to give this gift to another Empire Avenue member, please check out the EAV Leaders Community Shop.  Look for the icon below.


Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.19.55 PM

Empire Avenue is Spotlighting Profiles

Empire Avenue would like to spotlight and share the profiles of 4 active members this week.  This is just a small token of our appreciation.

(e)MILIEUNET Erik van Erne – Erik has been a member since May, 2011.  Erik is a very supportive and loyal member of Empire Avenue.  He is the General Manager of Wolfram Publications.  Erik focuses on awareness and change of behavior by means of communication.  He feels that the world needs more awareness about our environment.  Erik currently has the highest Empire Avenue Score on the site!  If you would like to know more about Erik please check out his profile here.

(e)GARDNER Harold Gardner – Harold joined Empire Avenue in June, 2012.  Harold has a great sense of humor, and if you check out his social media sites you can always find a joke or picture that will make you laugh.  Harold’s favorite sport is Tennis.  Harold has been a mentor to several Empire Avenue members over the last couple of years. If you would like to know more about Harold please check out his profile here.

(e)MAXUS1COM Vitus Feldmann – Vitus is The Main Street Analyst.  You may ask what’s that?  It’s business, marketing, social media, fashion, entertainment, sports and so much more.  Vitus has been a member since September 2011.  Vitus is an ex-professional soccer player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst and Social Media Leader.  If you would like to know more about Vitus please check out his profile here.

(e)BERRIEPELSER Berrie Pelser – Berrie is the co-owner of Ber | Art Visual Design V.O. F. .  His business specializes in WordPress, search engine optimization, social media strategy, and social media integration.  He has been an active member of Empire Avenue since April, 2011. Berrie uses Empire Avenue Missions to share information about his business.  If you would like to know more about Berrie please click here.

To celebrate these Spotlight Members, the Empire Avenue Leaders will run a few missions for these profiles over the next 24 hours.

Empire Avenue Leaders reaches 500 – Bonus Benefits for all Players on April 11th

leaders_500_successCongratulations! 500 EA Leaders have signed up and unlocked the Early Bird Bonus. That means EVERYBODY WINS!

1,000 Vees
1,500,000 Eaves
Special Early Bird Badge
2 Extra Dividend Payments on Friday April 11th (after 5pm ET)

Choice of 300 Even More Desserts or 500,000 Eaves
3 people will win 10,000 Vees EACH
Special badge for everyone who claims Eaves or Dessert Gift
1 Extra Dividend Payment on Friday April 11th (after 5pm ET)

BEST OF ALL: You still have time to join the Early Bird Leaders AND get the bonus rewards.  Everyone who joins before 5pm (Eastern Time) Friday April 11th gets the Leader Package PLUS the Early Bird Bonus!

We’ll award the prizes on Friday, April 11th after 5pm Eastern. Watch the Empire Avenue Community for details on how to claim your prize and enter to win 10,000 Vees.

Haven’t signed up yet or know someone who should? It’s easy! Just buy the Empire Avenue Leaders Upgrade. Buy before Friday April 11th and you’ll get over $1,600 of game rewards for just $100. Tell your friends!

Read More about the next phase of Empire Avenue
View the letter from Empire Avenue Co-Founder and Director

Empire Avenue is Spotlighting Profiles! 4/4/2014

Empire Avenue would like to spotlight and share Profiles of active members whom use Empire Avenue for various reasons. We have so many members to spotlight that we will choose random users over time. This is just a small token of our appreciation.

EAV Profiles under the Spotlight for 4/4/2014!

(e)DESDAUGHTER DES Daughter Network – This profile is committed to, shedding light on a global health scandal, and dedicated to raising DES (Diethylstilbestrol) awareness. Please check out this profile here. (e)DESDAUGHTER has been a member of Empire Avenue since June 2011. We are thankful to have members like (e)DESDAUGHTER who take charge, lead and show others how to use Empire Avenue by being a good example.

(e)PETERHOLLENS – Peter Hollens has been involved with music throughout the Northwest and beyond performing in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Beacon Theater in NYC. If you are interested in more information about Peter check out his profile here . (e)PETERHOLLENS has been a member of Empire Avenue since May 2011. The members love and support Peter Hollens on YouTube as well.

To celebrate these two Spotlight Members Empire Avenue Leaders will run missions for these profiles over the next 24 hours.

Redeem Vees for Empire Avenue Upgrades and Eaves

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 7.46.32 PM

You can now Redeem your Vees for Empire Avenue Upgrades and Eaves. Upgrades include Social Stock Market Upgrades (Bigger Piece of the Pie etc.), Missions Upgrades such as Scheduling Missions or Promoting Vee Missions, Vacation and more. At this time you cannot use Vees for Premium Services.

So, what can you do with Vees?

Beat The Winter Blues: Vees, Gold and Mercury Sale

Beat the Winter Blues … of course if you are in the southern hemisphere, you can beat the Summer heat and escape inside. Either way… reward your fans, subscribers and shareholders with the gift of Vees or a Gold or Mercury Subscription during our special Northern Winter/Southern Summer Sale until February 1! Don’t miss out!


Up to 25% off Vees until February 1

We’re running a sale on Vees which you can give through Missions or as a bonus through selling items in the People’s Market. Exchange Vees for Gift Cards (in USA, Canada and USA), for the latest hit Music and now Movies (USA and Canada) and for any items sold in the People’s Market if they are listed in Vees!

Want to get faster completions of Missions? Rewarding with Vees drives the completion time down incredibly! Try it out!

This special end of January sale on Vees will be 15% off for everyone but if you have a Premium Account you can get 25% off all the Vees packages! Check out the Sale Now!


15% off Gold, 20% off Mercury (for three months)

Have you been holding off on upgrading to a Premium Account? Take a look at a new page we’ve created that show each of the benefits of a Premium Account! Premium Accounts focus on Unlocking Value, Improved Data, Improved Efficiency and Promotion and Monetization opportunities.

We’ve really enhanced Premium Accounts in the last few weeks: Scale Rewards by specific networks, list items in the new People’s Market (which has already seen sales for our members!); Ability to move between accounts; Discounts for upgrades on the Shop; Ability to Schedule Missions; More data on your Social Networking through the Social Stock Market game.

We’re committed to enhancing all our account types whether you are free or not, but to really super charge your account, getting a Gold and Mercury level subscription can truly help.

Subscribe by February 1 and get a special 3 month subscription rate: 15% off at the Gold level and 20% off at the Mercury level! Combine the subscription with incredible savings on Vees and truly win!

Unsure about subscribing? Contact us at and we can explore the opportunities together!


Scheduled Missions now part of Premium!

Have you wanted to set a Mission start time and end time? The benefits for Scheduling Missions are immense. As different parts of the world come online during the day on Empire Avenue you can maximize the ability to reach more people around the globe by smartly scheduling your Missions to start and end at different days and times! Not to mention the ability to end Missions when a condition has been met (like a Sale has ended!)
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.17.56 PM

We created Premium accounts for services that we could provide where members can get access to efficiency and business-type features. Scheduling Missions definitely falls into the category of helping you be more efficient with your time and get a better ROI from using Missions. Taking suggestions from our Community, we’re adding Scheduling Missions into our Premium Accounts at the Silver and higher level.

With a Silver account you will have 5 slots per month to schedule a Mission. For Gold you will be able to schedule up to 10 Missions per month and for Mercury+ the number rises to 25 slots per month. As before anyone can buy the Schedule Mission individual item.

Each slot means setting a start and expiry time for a Mission whether it is a Scaled Eaves Mission or a Vees Mission.

Please note existing Premium Members at the Silver level and higher have been given their monthly Scheduled Mission slots regardless of when they will renew as a small thank you from the Empire Avenue Team!

Get Scheduling!

Want to see more of the Benefits of Upgrading to a Premium Empire Avenue account? We have a handy page explaining!

Important Changes to the Referral Program


Thank you for being part of the Empire Avenue Referral Program. We have made some changes to the Referral program as we have learned from our first group of Referrers and Referrals!

1. New versus Existing Accounts

We are placing Referrals into two groups going forward. If someone uses your Referral Link and creates a new account, we will give a commission which is higher than normal. This commission will start at 15%. In this kind of New Account/Sign Up Referral, you will be the Referrer so long as both you and they are members of Empire Avenue. A New Account /Sign Up Referral may not switch their Referrer and following a new Referral link will result in no change.

For those Referrals who are existing Empire Avenue members and not already Referred as above, then you will be given a starting commission of 8% and the Referral will expire in 3 months unless they choose to remain your Referral by clicking your Referral link before the expiry. These Referrals may remove their Referrer or change their Referrer. The only exception to this is Premium Subscriptions. If you refer someone for a Premium Subscription, you will be their Referrer for the life of the Premium Subscription.

This change is effective immediately and going forward with regards to recording who signs up through a Referral link.

2. Who did you Refer? Now you know!

It’s important to know who you Referred. Part of the Empire Avenue Referral program is a mentoring which requires reaching out to those who you have brought into Empire Avenue. You can now see these details on the Referrals page on Empire Avenue: Click here to view who you have Referred (If you are an approved Referrer). We have indicated which accounts are New Account Referrals if it is the case (please note we do not know, nor can we tell if any Referrals prior to this blog post signed up with your Referral link).

3. The Referrals and Affiliates Empire Avenue Community Group.

We now have a Referrals and Affiliate Empire Avenue Community of which all active Referrers and Affiliates are members. Please come and discuss the Referrals Program.

With these changes we believe that the Referral Program is maturing quickly and we are super happy to have a stellar group of Referrers who have given us great feedback. We’re still learning from you and want you to succeed, so let us know how we can help you!

Tip the Scales in Your Favour

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 7.30.13 PM

Have you wanted your Scaled Eaves and Vees Missions to scale the Reward based on a specific single or specific set of networks?

We’ve rolled out the ability for Mission Creators to choose how they want their Mission Reward to be scaled when using Scaled Eaves or Scaled Vees Missions types.  In effect, allowing the Mission to target those on Empire Avenue with a specific Social Network.

This scaling is available to Mission Creators who have any type of Premium account. Gold and higher Premium Accounts can choose up to five Networks with which to scale.

How this works: If you choose to scale by a specific network, then an individual’s specific Network Score is used to scale the Reward they receive. If the person does not have that social network connected on Empire Avenue then they will be rewarded the minimum possible regardless of the range you have chosen for the Mission. For example, if a Mission is scaled to Twitter with a range of 5,000e to 25,000 and the completer does not have a Twitter account connected on Empire Avenue, then they will see their reward as 500e. For a Vees Mission the minimum is 1V.

If you do not choose specific network(s), then the Scaled Eaves and Vees Missions will function as before, using all of a Mission Completers Network Scores to contribute to how much the Reward will be.

Get some popcorn! Movie Rewards now available!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.43.29 PM

Time to get some popcorn and settle in for a Vee Movie night!

You can now exchange the Vees you have earned doing Missions on Empire Avenue into Digital Movies rentals and purchases. Please note, due to licensing requirements, like Music, Movies is only available to our users in USA and Canada. The Movies are streamed and hence you must be logged into Empire Avenue to watch the Movies. Rentals are streamed and available for 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.44.18 PM

While we cannot guarantee that the movie streaming will work on every device/PC, you should be able to stream through devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 and iOS7 device using the latest Chrome/Safari/Firefox as your browser.